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These are the theme songs and insterstial pieces of music written for the podcast The Mutant Ages (


released March 14, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Mutant Ages (Theme)
Back when we were young
We experienced a change
We felt a power grow in us,
both wonderful and strange

The power to care about the X-men
And the mutant brotherhood
and all of their adventures
More than anyone should

From the comic book pages
To the animated stages

The mutant ages
Decades of history
The mutant ages
With Ryan and Maddy!

The mutant ages
A journey through memory
The mutant ages
With Ryan and Maddy!
Track Name: The X-Men Are a Metaphor
The X-men are a metaphor
For a lot of things
And one of those things
Is being gay

But sometimes, it goes beyond symbolic
When the X-Men get real homoerotic
But which X-Men is the gayest today?